Class Iso19794p2v2011ZonalExtension

  • public class Iso19794p2v2011ZonalExtension
    extends Object
    Zonal quality extension (ZONALEXT).
    • Field Detail

      • algorithm

        public int algorithm
        Zonal quality algorithm (ZONEALGO).
      • zoneWidth

        public int zoneWidth
        Zone width (ZONEWIDTH).
      • zoneHeight

        public int zoneHeight
        Zone height (ZONEHEIGHT).
      • bits

        public int bits
        Bits per zone (ZONEBITS). Defaults to 8.
      • quality

        public int[] quality
        Zonal quality data (ZONALQUALITY). Every array item represents quality of one zone.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Iso19794p2v2011ZonalExtension

        public Iso19794p2v2011ZonalExtension()
        Creates new zonal quality extension (ZONALEXT).