Class Iso19794p1v2011Format

  • public class Iso19794p1v2011Format
    extends Object
    Information about optional fields in ISO/IEC 19794-1:2011 template. This information comes from individual ISO 19794-X specifications. Every ISO 19794-X spec defines its own template format that specializes ISO 19794-1.
    • Field Detail

      • extraHeaderLength

        public int extraHeaderLength
        Length of format-specific template header fields.
      • hasSensorVendor

        public boolean hasSensorVendor
        Format includes sensor vendor ID (DEVVENDOR) field.
      • hasSensorId

        public boolean hasSensorId
        Format includes sensor ID (DEVID) field.
      • hasQuality

        public boolean hasQuality
        Format includes quality record (QRECORD) fields.
      • hasCertificates

        public boolean hasCertificates
        Format includes certification record (CERTIFICATE) fields.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Iso19794p1v2011Format

        public Iso19794p1v2011Format()